FLEX Now – January 2018

Coming Soon to the Back Studio…  In the coming days, we’ll add a new squat cage to the back studio for safer, better squatting and bench pressing, as well as bumper plates to make the process of putting the weights on and off easier.

FLEXNow is now Live!!  Check out the new feature on www.flexcircuitgym.com called FLEXNow.  For the latest on new classes, last minute subs or special hours, this is your source.  Go to FLEXNow.

Class of the Month is… “Dance Technique & Styling 101” with Dianna (MOVE) on January 30th @ 12:30pm.  Here’s a description:  Join FLEX for this FREE demo class that will focus on Breath Control and Core Strength, Body Control and Musicality, Coordination Technique and Alignment.  In this 1-hour class, you will learn basic dance combinations.  No experience necessary.  Be sure to reserve ahead.
New Class starts Sundays on March 4th at 6pm:  Restorative Yoga with Esther.   Getting prepared for that “case of the Mondays” has never been easier.  Esther will help you relax and refresh with her Sunday Restorative class.  Here’s a description: A perfect class for newbies and seasoned practitioners alike. This is a great way to set an intention and experience some of the mindfulness and calm we often want to have – yet can be difficult to find. This class is for folks seeking a more gentle and rejuvenating practice. The class begins with deep stretching designed increase circulation and tone deep connective tissue, and is followed by restorative poses designed to balance the nervous system, boost the immune system and activate our healing capacities.
Other Class Schedule Changes, New Instructors, New Classes… 
  • Tori is now teaching 2 spin classes a week at 9:30am on Monday’s and Friday’s
  • Based on her stellar reviews, Jordana is our new Saturday TRX instructor.  Seth likely will move to Wednesday nights.
  • Try our new HIIT Challenge class with Jennine on Mondays at 5:30pm.
  • Rachel’s Saturday Pilates and Barre classes from January 20th to mid-March will be subbed intermittently, as she continues her intern work.  Be sure to consult the online schedule to stay current.
Here’s to an incredible 2018!