Class Descriptions

Mixing up the workout routine is easy at FLEX with so many different options in group exercise. FLEX offers over 40 group classes each week including Zumba, Pilates, Senior Fitness, TRX, Yoga, Boot Camp, Boxing, Sculpt, Barre and much more.

1 Class Drop In:   $17
5 Classes:               $80
10 Classes:           $145
20 Classes:          $260
All Access (Monthly unlimited classes / full gym use): $90


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Barre… Barre is a fun full body workout that uses ballet- inspired exercises that challenge the whole body. Barre workouts involve cardio, center floor work and exercises on the barre that lead to increased muscle tone and flexibility. No dance experience necessary- Barre is an all-levels class!

Body Performance… The class will focus on strength development, flexibility and balance achieved through the use of calisthenic-based exercises, yoga techniques and the use of light weights.

Boot Camp… It’s our one outdoor class that’s free to all FLEX members. Boot Camp utilizes your own body as the resistance to create a fun and challenging cardio, core and strength workout. There will be squats, lunges, burpees, agility drills, core work on the mat and much more. The perfect start to a Saturday morning!

Boxing BootCamp… Boxing BootCamp enables students to learn boxing technique first. The approach is simple: Learn to throw the basic punches, incorporate movement with punches, add the 3 sections of defense, and add ring movement. In the process, you’ll gain strength, speed, hand-eye coordination and endurance.  Every student is different.  Some are faster, others are stronger and some have tremendous defense. We will find your particular strength and talent in boxing.

DanceAmor…From Rihanna to Shakira to Wande Coal, this class will inspire you to dance from the heart and raise your heart rate. Using a variety of musical and choreography styles, DanceAmor is a unique dance fitness class designed by Heather Alaine that exercises your body and invites you to take everything life brings and to express it — loudly, softly, gracefully, with humor and hella heart. DanceAmor uses movement to bring us back to center, so we can show up more fully for a world in need of our love.

Dance Party Workout… The Dance Party Workout is a high intensity, movement based class featuring the most popular dance formats like Zumba, Samba, BollyX, Hip Hop and more. It features creative programming to create a fun and stimulating aerobic workout. The classes are augmented with colorful lighting effects.

Flex Power Cycle… is a 45 minute spin class that is pure aerobic fun. Listen to great music and get your sweat on with cardio intervals sure to rev up your metabolism. Flex Classic Cycle… is a full 60-minute indoor cycling class that includes aerobic and anaerobic interval training. Think double shot of expresso and a calorie burn of 500+.

Hatha Yoga… Hatha is designed to build strength and flexibility in the body while focusing on alignment and breathing. Challenging poses and mindful meditations encourage students to make space in both the physical body and in the mind.

HIIT Challenge… A high intensity interval training class that alternates low to moderate intervals with high intensity intervals. We will go all out for short bursts of intense movement, followed by short and active recovery periods. This type of training is a great way to keep your heart rate up and burn fat and calories faster than normal steady-state workouts. Modifications are provided for all exercises.

Pilates Mat… Learn the foundations of mat exercises that Joseph Pilates intended to be done everyday and anywhere. We’ll warm up the deepest layers of your core and build strength from the inside out. Special attention will be paid to key Pilates principals of alignment, breath, precision, balance, and integration.

Self Defense 1 and 2…  Self Defense 1 offers practical self defense techniques that start with practical strikes using the hands, elbows, knees, kicks along with the blocks and counters to them. This class also offers effective escapes from single and double hand wrist, leg, and chest grabs; chokes, bear hugs, various headlocks and more.  Self Defense 2 emphasizes improving technique, explosive power, increasing speed & agility, improving cardiovascular stamina and most importantly, building one’s emotional resilience & conviction.

Senior Fitness… The Senior Fitness classes last an hour and incorporate light to medium cardio activity, strength-building and balance exercises, and plenty of toning and stretching. The class is designed primarily for “mature folks”, who may be a little more cautious when it comes to physical exercise, but still want to get a good work out. There are always modifications that can make an exercise easier or harder and allow you to protect any areas that are injured or, well, you know, a little “gently used”. Best of all, we play great music from the “good old days”.

SolStrong… A full body workout with easy-to-follow choreography and soulful music, you’ll almost forget that you’re lunging, squatting and doing pushups. Almost. Created by Heather Alaine, SolStrong helps you strengthen your muscles for daily life, find your inner grit, and deepen your relationship with your body. You’ll leave class feeling grounded, powerful, and ready for whatever life throws at you.

Total Body Conditioning… Short and long explosive intervals, like Tabata, that will challenge your upper and lower body. A mix between Cross Training, Boot Camp and Cross Fit styles. Also a mix of aerobic/anaerobic conditioning drills and everything in between! Most exercises will be strength training that will include total body movement to keep your heart rate up, which includes: Weights, Battle ropes, medicine balls and more! If you’re looking to gain strength, muscular endurance, overall stamina, core strength and want to keep your body guessing with challenging and different exercises, then this class is for you!

TRX Circuit… is a multi-level, full body workout that uses the TRX Suspension System. This class incorporates core work, plyometrics, resistance training, stability and balance. Classes often include fun and intense “cardio blasts” to help boost your metabolism, and burn more calories.

Vinyasa Yoga… Vinyasa yoga synchronizes the breath with the posture and helps to clear the mind and energize the body. Music is played to support the class and uplift the spirit. The pace is steady but challenging, perfect for those students who have been introduced to basic yoga and want to increase their strength, flexibility, and stamina. Please bring your own mat and towel to class.

Zumba… Zumba offers the perfect combination of Latin dance inspired movements with a high intensity cardiovascular workout. Zumba is great for burning calories and improving coordination, dance moves and overall conditioning. Plus the music is great!