Ease of use and quality workouts

San Francisco, CA
Because I live in SF, I love being able to take the classes online. Having them recorded is an extra benefit. Surprisingly there are almost no senior fitness classes in SF. I'm taking one on zoom from Kaiser but having your great resource is really helpful now. Kathleen is a very well organized and positive teacher. I've recommended her class to several people. Thanks for making these classes available and I hope even when things open up again that you'll continue offering some via zoom, if possible.

Oakland, CA
Friendly community, personal responses, questions answered. Hang in there, guys - we'll get through this!! Thank you for the online classes; they are keeping a lot of us sane.

Berkeley, CA
the senior fitness classes are FUN! Great music and ex is at the right level of challenging, with modifications presented as needed. thank you

Clean, well managed gym.

Oakland, CA
I'm a new member. Love, love, love the gym so far. It's clean, well lit, free of litter/trash, and well supervised by the employees. You really maintain the space carefully and keep a watchful eye on everything. The bathrooms are clean (thank you, thank you, thank you) and someone seems to be sweeping the place all the time. I've been to gyms where people are using the space to just pass time, get away from home or meet other people. I've also been to gyms where people just sit with their friends and talk loudly and laugh (sometimes at other people right in front of them). This gym is focused on health and wellness only, something I really appreciate. I also appreciate that you guys don't have benches around for people to linger with their phones. I actually convinced my older parents to join and check out the classes. When this temporary shutdown is over, I expect them to explore the gym as soon as they can. Hang in there during these remarkable times. I'm glad to support a small business.

Oakland, CA
I like Kathleen's online aerobics classes very much. Otherwise, I don't know anything of your services. My usual gym has not fully opened yet. I have recommended Kathleen's classes to several people, and a few of them have joined.

Oakland, CA
I like that you have 2 stair master machines and you are adhering to all Covid 19 guidelines. Friendly staff as well.

Piedmont, CA
flexibility converting to zoom

Oakland, CA
Before Covid the gym was always very clean. Sounds like they have done everything they can to make it even better. Everyone is is so friendly and helpful. Nd it has been simply great to have the Zoom classes. Thank you so much for those.