About FLEX

The FLEX Experience

Working out should be something to look forward to.   Since the day we opened our doors, this has been our audacious goal.  Exercise is hard work. We know that going in. But sustaining a solid workout routine shouldn’t be any tougher than it has to be, and getting in the habit and building momentum is what it’s all about. FLEX has built a reputation as a place where members can get in a great workout among friends in a clean and comfortable setting.  Our focus is and will always be to make the workout experience enjoyable, while giving our members the personal attention and motivation they need to reach their fitness goals.

At FLEX, we also believe in always raising the bar, which means taking an uncompromising approach to make the workout experience as good as it can be. When we started in November of 2010, we were plain and simply a circuit gym, and now we’ve evolved into a mecca for people who like to get their workout on in every imaginable way. There is so much more to do at FLEX… You can take a fitness class in our beautiful group exercise space, work out on your own in our free weight and training area, or just hop on an elliptical, treadmill or rowing machine in our fully loaded cardio room.

More than just a Workout… At FLEX, we pride ourselves on creating a fun and friendly environment like few gyms you’ll ever visit.  And, when the spirit moves us, you’ll see us putting on free special events for our members, to show our appreciation and to just have fun for the sake of fun.